• Ethics and integrity are our top priority both individually and as a team
  • A source you can trust for the best professional Leaders and Educators in Health Sciences
  • We are a National Search Firm
  • We work with Colleges of Nursing, Schools of Allied Health and Health Sciences, large and small Colleges and Education Groups, Ground and Online Campuses
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the field helps us in understanding what Colleges and Candidates are looking for and what is needed
  • We offer years of experience in working with Clients and Candidates in Health Sciences
Health Services Educators

Provide education leaders who can build trust and a strong team, prepare students for success, and increase attendance


Build long term working relationships

To offer standout candidates in Nursing, Physician Assistant, Medical Assisting, PTA, OTA, Vet Tech, Surg Tech, Dental Assisting, and all areas of Health Sciences


  • We clearly define our client’s wants and needs
  • We identify our target market
  • We work as a team to locate and interview outstanding candidates using our extensive network
  • We present top candidates and follow the process through interviews, feedback, negotiations
  • Once a decision has been made, we facilitate discussions through to the offer letter
Health Sciences Educators

Health Sciences Educators LLC

Nursing & Health Sciences Recruitment


Dba Recruiting Pros for Health Educators


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“Matching the college’s needs with highly talented educators to achieve mutual success”

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